Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rainbow Connection

I love the last Saturday of the month. That's birthday night at our club. We all get together and potluck and listen to people celebrate years of sobriety. Nothing cheers me up faster than listening to success stories from people like me. That's where a lot of my hope comes from. A little over two years ago, I thought I was irretrievably broken. I had no hope that anything would change, let alone get better. But everything changed and everything got better.

Tonight as I was leaving my meeting, I saw the most amazing full double rainbow. Unfortunately, my iPhone camera was not able to capture the whole thing, especially as I was driving (good thing I didn't sign that distracted driver pledge for 9 News. I am a hypocrite no more). But I did get the picture above. I choose to see it as a good omen.

Now off to bed. I'm off to Greeley tomorrow to watch my friend Larry compete in the demolition derby. He has promised not to catch on fire like last year, though if he does, I have promised to get lots of pictures of the car engulfed in flames, unlike last year, when I was too alarmed about my friend being on fire to keep clicking away. Life events keep reminding me that I really need to work on kicking myself into gear when trauma arises.

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