Monday, July 5, 2010

Home, God and Country

I was lucky enough to spend the holiday weekend in Missouri with my family. The boyfriend was lucky(?) enough to come with me. I actually enjoyed myself despite the heat and 10,000% humidity. How humans can actually live there is a mystery to me. The positives of Missouri include: legal fireworks, homemade cobbler made with local fresh picked blackberries, and homemade ice cream.

Short detour re: the ice cream. My health-food and exercise loving parents are now living in the land of the super big gulp and pie at every meal. Consequently, they tweaked grandma's homemade ice cream recipe a little to make it nonfat. We made some and took it to an Independence Day party yesterday and people loved it. It's the most amazing nonfat ice cream ever. Tastes just like real ice cream, only a little fluffier. We could be Ben & Jerry for the health conscious crowd. We'll be billionaires!!!
Back to reality, while around my house it's a passive aggressive scavenger hunt, it was a scavenger hunt of a different kind in Missouri. God bless my right wing family.

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